How blogging started?

                                                        20th                                                                                                                                        21st

News has been collected and analyzed and arranged by the editors.      News has been collected and blogged from different forms of news media.

Generalists are specially trained professionals.                                                     Example:

Paper Cuttings

Video sharing

                                                                                                                   Today every one can become generalist and get the audience in an

                                                                                                                    individual or group of audience.



Uses of blogs

Today blogs for used for various purpose. In to days there are 1billion blogs around the world.


Blogs can be used for various purposes some of them are:


Internal Communication:

This can happen inter department, intra departments and between business units.

It will help in integration organization and easy communication flow and reduces conflicts.

External Communication:

Between the supplier, government and consumers.

It will increase the transparency and helps in reviewing the success or failure of the product or services.


Educational Institutions

Helps in electronic learning and online reviews.

  • Those who have missed the class can get the complete information the blog.
  • Interaction of students and teachers around the globe.

How are we using blogs?

We are trying to generate individual branding using blogs.


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