Interview experience

I have completed MBA in 2010 from Kousali Institute of Management studies; I have attended n-number of interviews and received such a great experience.
Here I am sharing some of my interview experience:
1. Career net

We been to IMSR for campus interview; it have three rounds
a. Written test
It contains simple aptitude test.

The test what we have undergone is nothing to do with job offer, it’s a HR job and test is even cleared by SSLC student.

b. Personal Interview
The first question every one asks is the very own every one might have guessed it

“Tell me about yourself”

This is such a tricky question which will make you feel that its normal but interviewer come to what you are up to, your capabilities and attitude etc etc.

My suggestion is you should prepare well for this make list of what all the positive things and how to express it.

What is your weakness?

In this question interviewer want to know; have you done self-realization? If you say “no weakness” interviewer thinks you don’t know about yourself. They want to hear from you some of your weakness and how you overcome them.

Salary expectation?

In this situation you don’t have say in numbers; instead you can say that according to industry norms or earlier the person drawing in my position.

Hope you like this next blog i will share with you next interview experience.


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